Modular Workstation Furniture


Our customers are our most valued resource and we do everything we can to make the entire process of furnishing their office – from the first time they call to when the last installer leaves – an easy, pleasant experience.

We understand that the design of your office is more than walls and furniture. The design of your office space, and comfort and functionality of your office furniture, is a tremendous contributor to how much your people love being at work. It should support your goals, your vision & your purpose. It should increase productivity, innovation, and collaboration. It should be a concrete representation of your culture and your brand.

When you choose to work with us, you will receive a beautifully designed, functional office space, customized to the needs of your organization. You will also receive the highest level of customer service in the industry. That’s our promise and our deepest commitment.

After all… the entire point of having an office is to support the people who work there. And the entire purpose of Facilities resource, Inc. is to support you.

A Single-Resource Solution

One of the advantages of working with FRI is that we can not only help you select the modular workstation furniture that matches your vision and ensure that it is installed with precision, but we can also help you plan the most efficient use of your office space. Our talented designers can help you create a space plan that encourages productivity while also leaving room for company growth. In addition, a successful office furniture installation is every bit as important as designing the right office space and selecting furniture and finishes. FRI is the premier office furniture company and a major reason is we consider every detail of your new office equally important. You can rely on our office furniture installers to communicate and coordinate each step along the way. FRI will manage your new office furniture installation, office furniture reconfiguration or rearrange your current office furniture to increase productivity.

Contact Facilities Resource, Inc. today if you would like additional information about the benefits modular workstation furniture could provide for your office in the Austin, Texas area.