Professional Workplace Design Services

Engaging a workplace design firm for planning a new office in San Antonio, Texas, offers a multitude of potential benefits. When investing significantly in a new office, ensuring an attractive, functional space that enhances employee satisfaction is paramount. Facilities Resource, Inc. (FRI), helps our client’s craft an office layout that optimally utilizes available space that accommodates future growth.  Trust FRI to transform your vision into a thoughtfully designed office space in San Antonio, providing a conducive environment for productivity and employee well-being.

The workplace design services that FRI can provide includes:

  • Tenant test fitsworkplace design san antonio
  • Space planning
  • Identity branding
  • As-built drawings
  • Furniture specifications
  • Light selection
  • Artwork selection
  • Signage and graphics

FRI stands out as a pivotal collaborator in workplace design, backed by an impressive 25-year legacy of delivering comprehensive office furniture solutions. Our expansive offerings span the spectrum, encompassing essentials from modular workstations to reception area furniture. Our adept installers orchestrate a seamless setup, ensuring every element is primed for your staff’s use. With a curated selection featuring renowned designers such as Kimball International, Hon, and Trendway, you can place your confidence in the resilience and lasting appeal of your office furnishings. Align with FRI for a design journey that seamlessly integrates expertise, quality craftsmanship, and timeless style.

In addition to our wealth of experience and top-tier product offerings, Facilities Resource, Inc. (FRI) takes pride in our client-centric approach. Our design team collaborates closely with you, considering your unique needs, preferences, and budget constraints. Whether you’re envisioning an efficient layout, accommodating future growth, or seeking an aesthetically pleasing and functional space, our team strives to exceed expectations. From initial concept to the final installation, FRI is committed to maximizing every square foot of your office space, ensuring a productive and inspiring work environment for your team in San Antonio, Texas. Choose FRI for a holistic workplace design experience that combines expertise, quality furnishings, and tailored solutions.

For more information about the workplace design services we offer to businesses throughout the San Antonio, TX area, contact Facilities Resource, Inc. today.