Move Management and Relocation Services 


FRI specializes in comprehensive move and decommissioning services, providing a full range of solutions. We handle meticulous move planning, communication strategies, furniture removal and facility repair, covering every aspect of relocation and decommissioning. Our consistent delivery model streamlines complex projects, serving as your representative throughout. We collaborate seamlessly with internal support teams and consultants, allowing you to focus on your core business. Trust us to manage the intricacies of relocation, decommissioning, and dilapidation while ensuring a smooth process for your organization. Contact Us:

Our dedicated relocation managers, operational in major cities nationwide, adeptly oversee every aspect of your move. FRI’s experienced move teams offer a comprehensive array of services, encompassing Facility Transitions, On-Site Facilities Support Staffing, Churn Management, Healthcare Relocation Management, Furniture Re-use and Occupancy Planning, Relocation Planning and Management, Technology Transition Planning, and Vendor Management. Trust FRI to provide expertise and efficiency, streamlining your move and decommissioning processes with precision and care.

move management

Whether you need to move within a year or a matter of months, FRI can help you relocate any number of people into one or many different locations — on time and on budget. From the very beginning of the process, we work with you to identify what you and your organization need to accomplish, what work needs to be done, and who needs to be involved. All you have to do is pack up and go. FRI will manage and simplify the process for you.

Services that we provide to clients:

  • Healthcare Relocation Management
  • Furniture Re-use Planning
  • Relocation Planning and Management
  • Physical Move Planning and Management
  • Technology Transition Planning and Management
  • Lab Planning and Management
  • Decommissioning of the Space or Building


By partnering with the move management specialists at Facilities Resource, Inc., you can ensure that every task related to your company’s impending move is entrusted to qualified professionals. With experience catering to both large and small businesses, we take pride in serving companies relocating to and from cities across Texas.