Professional Design and Space Planning 

professional design services

We have been dedicated to professional design services and space planning for office interiors for businesses since 1997. Our approach involves immersing ourselves in your business environment to understand challenges and workspace limitations thoroughly. This philosophy empowers our design team to generate diverse office interior design ideas and test high-performance options, resulting in innovative and inspirational solutions for your business.

Our Professional Design Services Include:

  1. Workplace Design:
    • Comprehensive office design and furniture placement and selection.
  2. Project Management:
    • Expert coordination to ensure the smooth progress and completion of your project.
  3. Custom Furniture Design:
    • Tailored solutions to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your office.
  4. Furniture Valuation + Selection:
    • Maximizing your budget for optimal furniture purchases.
  5. Alternative Workplace Strategies:
    • Designing your office to reflect your company’s desired functionality.
  6. Ergonomics Diagnostic:
    • Offering advice on making workspaces more comfortable for employees and guests.
  7. Renderings:
    • Visualize proposed changes before project execution.
  8. Furniture Configurations:
    • Ensuring optimal use of office space for a productive and comfortable work environment.

In addition to our core services, we go above and beyond by offering an array of supplementary services to comprehensively address your office design needs. Our extended services encompass efficient space planning for optimal functionality, meticulous design layouts tailored to your vision, precise representations of existing structures through As-Builts, cutting-edge floorplans and CAD designs, expert coordination of artwork placements to enhance workspace ambiance, exploration of various design possibilities through test fits, access to a curated selection of quality furnishings, strategic facility programming to optimize space usage, comprehensive interior design documentation for clarity and future reference, and the incorporation of impactful signage and graphics that align with your brand. At Facilities Resource, Inc., we are committed to providing a holistic and tailored approach to office design, ensuring that every aspect of your workspace reflects your unique vision and enhances overall functionality.

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