Corporate and Business Relocation Services

office relocation servicesAs your lease approaches expiration, and with changes in space needs or business, you may consider various options. This phase is filled with unknowns, prompting questions about expanding within your current building, finding a new one, or renovating the existing space for improved workflow. Once a decision is made, it’s essential to consider inevitable changes over the lease period. Staying in the same location for five or ten years may not align with evolving markets, growing employee numbers, or emerging technologies. This guide helps initiate discussions on whether a moderate or complete relocation is necessary, ensuring you are prepared for the future. Call us (512) 371-1232

Effectively managing your office move is crucial for project success, regardless of your business size. It may seem daunting, especially with other business considerations. Our professional & experienced move managers become a valuable part of the process during office moves & relocations.

Our project management team efficiently plans & implements your office move, supplying essentials like crates & labels. At FRI, we organize the entire move to your satisfaction, with our relocation team closely managing the process. Our experts prioritize a well-thought-out plan with solid communication, enabling you to focus on the crucial aspects of your business.

Move Management Services

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We offer a complete range of relocation & decommissioning solutions, covering move planning, communications, furniture removal, facility repair, & low voltage removal. Our consistent delivery model simplifies complex relocation, decommissioning, & dilapidation projects. We act as your representative in every phase, coordinating with internal support teams & consultants, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our services encompass design, planning, and implementation with options for used or remanufactured Furniture. The Facilities Resource team aids in reusing existing items, analyzing inventory for their condition. We help identify shortages, product modification, or excess item disposition. Additionally, our services extend to furniture liquidation for a seamless process.