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In pursuit of refined office solutions in the Austin area, Facilities Resource emerges as the epitome of innovation. Take advantage of our woman-owned HUB status for thorough oversight of corporate relocation projects. We handle all move management tasks seamlessly, from creating plans to installing office furniture. As a full-service company, we streamline the entire moving process for San Antonio businesses, providing an efficient and precise experience. Partner with us today to benefit from our comprehensive move management services. Allow us to guide you in curating a workspace transformation by selecting products from industry luminaries such as Kimball International, Hon, Trendway, OFS, and 9 to 5 Seating, fostering a dynamic and functional evolution for your valued staff. Contact Us:

Turnkey Furniture Solutions

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Our commitment to service excellence extends beyond the initial selection of furniture. At FRI, businesses in the Austin area benefit from a holistic approach that goes above and beyond. Upon choosing your new office chairs and furnishings, we ensure a swift and precise installation process, minimizing disruption and enabling your employees to resume their duties promptly.

Moreover, our expertise shines through in our dedicated office design and space planning services. Recognizing potential design challenges and space limitations, we work collaboratively with you to optimize your office furniture budget. Our team specializes in crafting comfortable and functional workspaces tailored to the unique needs of your employees. We take pride in offering custom furniture designs that not only enhance the visual appeal of your office but also contribute to a conducive and aesthetically pleasing work environment.

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But our commitment doesn’t stop there. FRI is your partner in overcoming diverse challenges related to office spaces. Whether it’s maximizing efficiency, ensuring ergonomic considerations, or addressing specific functional requirements, we delve into the intricacies of your workspace to provide solutions that elevate your overall office experience.

To learn more about the full range of office furniture we offer or to discuss our professional installation and design services, contact Facilities Resource, Inc. today.