Move Coordination and Corporate Relocation Services

Entrusting your business relocation throughout Texas to a move coordinator and project management company can significantly alleviate administrative burdens. The intricate attention to detail and timely responses required for a successful office relocation are often considerable, and many organizations lack the capability or desire to take on such a complex project. Facilities Resource, Inc. (FRI) stands as a full-service relocation partner for businesses and organizations, providing a seamless and efficient transition.

Our dedicated relocation team collaborates seamlessly with your key staff, forming a cohesive and highly effective unit that ensures a timely and cost-effective relocation process. FRI’s relocation and installation teams are not only trained in the logistics of moving and installing but are also focused on delivering exceptional customer service. Each project is assigned a Project Manager who oversees every aspect from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and successful relocation experience.

As your trusted relocation partner, FRI is renowned for its hardworking and detail-oriented approach. We are driven to make each project smooth and successful for our clients. Our crews are well-versed in all aspects of relocation, whether in a corporate, commercial, educational, or healthcare environment. Choose FRI for a reliable and dedicated partner committed to the success of your business relocation.

FRI prides itself in providing all aspects of move coordination & relocation services, including move planning, coordination, and move management on projects of various sizes.

FRI Project Managers work to:


  • Coordinate and manage outside vendors
  • Develop collaborative move teams
  • Furniture &¬†employee plans
  • Plan & coordinate relocation
  • Develop project schedules
  • Identify project issues and risks
  • Develop moving matrices
  • Inventory space plans
  • Coordinate Real Estate Management
  • Perform post project support

Facilities Resource staff works closely with our clients to ensure their relocation occurs without incident on-time and on budget. (512) 371-1232 for consultation or more information on FRI services.