Modular Office Furniture And Cubicles For Businesses

Austin Modular Workstations

Base in Austin, Texas, Facilities Resource, Inc, is a locally woman-owned certified HUB dealership specializing in transforming office spaces. Our commitment to enhancing employee morale and productivity is evident in our diverse range of product solution offerings. We proudly feature industry-leading brands such as Kimball International, Trendway, National, Hon, and other top line manufacturers.

Choose Facilities Resource as your trusted partner in meticulously crafting a workspace that consistently exceeds expectations and meets industry standards. Our commitment extends beyond delivering furniture; we aim to contribute to the dynamic and inspiring character of your workspace.

Visit our expansive showroom to explore the variety of modular office furniture options available. Alternatively, schedule a personalized consultation where our experienced team will guide you in selecting the ideal furniture to match your vision. Trust FRI for seamless installation, ensuring prompt and precise setup to eliminate downtime.

Whether you’re planning an office space layout or managing a relocation project, FRI offers solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Choose FRI as your single resource for a streamlined and efficient office transformation that reflects the unique needs and aspirations of your business.

A Customer-Centered Process

Explore diverse modular office furniture options at Facilities Resource’s expansive showroom or schedule a personalized consultation at your Austin, Texas office. Our experienced team, featuring talented designers and project managers, will guide you in selecting ideal workspace furniture and furnishings to match your vision. Rely on Team FRI for seamless installation, ensuring prompt and precise setup to eliminate downtime. Whether planning an office layout or managing a restacking/relocation project, our team will provide comprehensive solutions to you. Choose Facilities Resource to act as your single resource solution for a streamlined and efficient office transformation.

Let us know if we can assist you with your project. Contact Facilities Resource, Inc. today (512) 371-1232.