Office Furniture For Business

Choosing the right office furniture for your company is exciting and fun but it can also be a daunting exercise for any size business. FRI offers many solutions to meet the requirements of your dream office layout. We offer a number of services, helping you to create the perfect space for your office, where employees can thrive. We start by looking carefully at the overall picture, taking into account not only the office design and creative needs of your organization, but all the finer details too. Style and appearance, color scheme, fabric and finish are all fundamental, but these days it is also imperative that your office furniture meets a detailed array of ergonomic and safety requirements. With over 20 years of experience in office furniture, FRI is the complete solution to all your business office furniture needs. Whether you are looking for stylish cubicles, private office furniture or an exquisite conference room furniture we are sure to have something for everyone.

Our team of certified office designers can help turn concepts into reality. We use the latest software and technology to give you a virtual tour of your proposed space. CET & AutoCad services allow us to easily communicate with architects, contractors and interior designers to ensure a smooth project. Our portfolio of products enables us to offer diverse options and flexibility to fit your space, culture and budget. We learn about your company values, needs and vision, identify style preferences and carry those sentiments throughout the entire workspace. Our goal is to have your space reflect your culture and vision, and illustrate who you are without saying a word.

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Office furniture solutions:

  • Systems Furniture
  • Standing Desking
  • Healthcare Furniture
  • Private Office Furniture
  • Seating & Task Chairs
  • Filing and Storage
  • Conference Room Furniture
  • Ergonomic Furniture
  • Architectural Walls
  • Office Technology