Volo Architectural Wall Systems and Furnishings

Modular furnishings

A thoughtfully designed workplace provides individuals with diverse settings for collaboration, social interaction, focused work, and moments of quiet reflection. Volo modular walls offer a spectrum of visual and acoustic privacy options to cater to various spatial requirements. Ranging from fully enclosed spaces to serene zones comparable to traditional drywall, our walls present a versatile alternative solution. Whether opting for the timeless appearance of custom millwork or making a bold graphic statement, our modular walls provide an extensive array of aesthetic and functional design possibilities.

Our dedication to tailoring workspace solutions is evident in the Trendway Volo wall system, specifically crafted for offices with evolving spatial needs. These modular architectural walls serve as a flexible alternative to permanent construction, playing a pivotal role in the design and evolution of environments that demand adaptability. FRI offers a comprehensive range of architectural wall solutions, seamlessly integrating with building structures and floor plans through practical alignment with conventional construction. Showroom: (512) 371-1232

Trendway Modular Walls seamlessly blend with work surfaces, storage, and accessories, creating streamlined workstations adaptable to various requirements. Furthermore, these modular walls efficiently deliver power and data to meet current and future technological needs.

A few of the details on our wall system:

Modular Wall

Movable walls seamlessly emulate the appearance of permanent architecture while allowing swift reconfiguration with minimal impact on ceilings and floors. They provide the flexibility to create offices, meeting areas, or quiet zones, with versatile panel sizing that adapts to any space.

The integration of aesthetic and functional tiles allows for a customized blend, addressing both the visual appeal and performance requirements. Tailoring the level of visual and acoustic privacy is made simple, and the options of Crown and Base styles further enhance both the aesthetics and functionality.

Noteworthy in terms of sustainability, these movable walls boast BIFMA level 2 certification, attesting to their environmental responsibility. Additionally, all components hold the SCS Indoor Advantage certification, further reinforcing their commitment to indoor air quality standards. Furthermore, the incorporation of movable walls into a space can contribute to LEED points, reflecting their positive impact on environmental considerations.

An added financial advantage is that movable walls typically offer faster depreciation compared to traditional drywall—consulting with your accountant can provide insight into these advantageous financial considerations.