Facilities Management & Consulting Services

Facilities Management

Optimizing facilities usage is a pivotal factor in achieving peak business performance, constituting a significant cost to any enterprise. Since 1997, we’ve been the go-to resource, providing a singular solution that’s both efficient and affordable. Renowned as a leading facility management service provider, our track record speaks to our consistent delivery of outstanding results.

Strategic Planning for Space Efficiency

Research indicates that major corporations squander up to 45% of office costs due to inefficiencies, much of which stems from ineffective space utilization. Our team of workplace specialists boasts extensive experience in conducting space audits to identify vacant or underutilized areas. We excel in space planning that aligns with business demands and supports cultural change, as well as space strategy to provide a flexible framework for future space allocation. Contact Us:

Innovative Workplaces Aligned with Your Brand

Our workplace branding and interior design specialists immerse themselves in understanding your business before applying that knowledge to design, specification, and the creation of innovative workspaces. We craft environments that enhance workflow, reinforce brand identity, and embed ample flexibility and efficiency. Our goal is to deliver a workplace that meets both your current and future needs seamlessly.

Relocation Management with a People-Focused Approach


Whether it’s a small churn or a major relocation, any move has the potential to cause disruption. FRI excels in planning and delivering these programs in complex and demanding environments. We collaborate closely with business managers to ensure strict adherence to deadlines and budgets. With the personnel, resources, and experience required, FRI provides turnkey facilities management services dedicated to meeting all our clients’ needs.

FRI for Comprehensive Facilities Management Services Including:

  • Space Planning
  • Construction Documentation
  • Move Coordination
  • Maintain As-Built Documentation
  • Space Allocation Documentation
  • Code Analysis & Code Compliance
  • Office Furniture Procurement and Installation
  • Signage and Graphics Installation

Choose FRI for a holistic approach to facilities management, where efficiency meets innovation and your unique needs take center stage.

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