Relocation and Installation Services

Our team of highly skilled corporate office relocation professionals brings seasoned expertise to office furniture installation and reconfiguration. To kickstart the process, we conduct a meticulous pre-job review of the design. Additionally, our installation technicians, operating as skilled craftsmen, prioritize the seamless execution of the job on the first attempt. Setting us apart from other office furniture moving companies that might fall short, Facilities Resource, Inc. guarantees a comprehensive solution. Furthermore, you can reap the benefits of our team of office relocation experts who consistently go above and beyond, ensuring the delivery of top-notch installation services.

corporate relocation

We recognize the uniqueness of each move, and we understand that success hinges on the precise allocation of human resources, equipment, and materials. Our process commences with a thorough analysis of your distinct needs. They are followed by the creation of a meticulous inventory of all items slated for relocation. We conduct a comprehensive survey encompassing building conditions, access points, and any other information. For personalized and efficient moving solutions, contact us at (512) 371-1232.

Our company provides full-service move management and has extensive experience in facilitating all aspects of corporate moves, enabling your company to partner with just one service provider to relocate, rather than multiple vendors. Over the years we have worked with businesses both large and small, so we have a solid understanding of the details that need to be addressed in virtually every type of move. Whether you are moving to another nearby location or across the state, relocating a company is no simple task. Having the experienced and versatile team at FRI providing move management services is the ideal option if you want to ensure your business relocation is executed efficiently and without disrupting your overall operations.

Our services Include:

  • 1609Plan relocation
  • Modular/system furniture planning
  • Library & file room shelving systems
  • Systems furniture installation drawings.
  • Develop project schedules
  • Identify project issues and risks
  • Execute project goals
  • Develop moving matrices
  • Perform post project support

Contact FRI today at (512) 371-1232 to learn more about the professional relocation services our company offers to businesses in cities throughout Central Texas.