Office Design

Great office design is about much more than having an attractive environment to work in. Of course, good aesthetics is important – but we believe that offices should be fully functional spaces and promote good health in your employees too. At FRI our role as an office design services company is to find the perfect balance of usability, aesthetic appeal and emotional stimulation. We are a team of office design, CAD, test fit and space planning specialists able to offer office design solutions to all of your office needs, whether it be space planning (office design), interior design, or maximizing your office space. Using the latest technology, we can redesign your office to make it work for you.

Our staff can advise exactly how many people will need to be accommodated within your site, identify areas that are under-utilized, produce reports showing what size areas are occupied by each team, and produce proposals to reduce your costs. Our space planning services could save your company thousands of dollars in unnecessary office rentals.

At FRI we are one of the few commercial interior designer company with an in-house office furniture division, so we can customize every single aspect of your workplace to deliver exactly the results you want down to the office furniture. You are absolutely integral to our design process, and we will consult and collaborate before providing detailed sketches, plans and 3D rendered visuals – including all fixtures, fittings, finishes and textures. Together, we can perfect the design and deliver your ideal work space.

Our office design services include:

  • Programming –  Gather pertinent information to get a solid understanding of the work.
  • Schematic and space planning – Our licensed designers will formulate the plans and get them approved, taking into account interior finish specifications and furniture specifications.
  • Design development – We will finalize the specifications of the architectural plan and details, including furnishings, lighting, and equipment.
  • Construction documents – Our office design specialists will draw, stamp, and approve the plans, and get them through required permitting.

To learn more about our office design services, please contact us at (512) 371-1232.