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Call center cubicles

Since 1997, Facilities Resource, Inc (FRI) been dedicated to serving call center clients with a commitment that endures to this day. Our extensive range of office cubicles caters to the diverse needs of small, mid-sized, and large companies, offering various size and height options. Our call center workstations provide flexibility with choices of fabric and surfaces to suit individual preferences.

Discover our call center solutions: storage, shelving, binder bins, task lights, glass or fabric stackers and more. Prioritizing customization, FRI offers versatile options for creating the ideal call center environment tailored to your needs. Contact us:

Call Center Workstations

Explore our specially designed call center cubicles to boost teamwork, creativity, and collaboration. Comfortably accommodate more staff and maximize workspace with efficiency. The popularity of our workstations lies in their suitability for open offices, offering individual working spaces.

Choose from our selection of workstations to offer your employees larger workspaces and the flexibility to integrate various storage options. Choosing workstation cubicles allows companies to give employees privacy while fostering an office environment that promotes communication and collaboration.

For assistance in optimizing your space, our expert design team is ready to create a customized floorplan for your location. Explore our diverse selection of office chairs, task seating, and office furniture to craft a comprehensive office solution tailored to your needs

Benching Systems


Explore our modern office benching systems, shaping a new era of open office layouts. We meticulously craft innovative designs to foster collaboration, striking the perfect balance for ample employee privacy. Immerse yourself in the dynamic synergy of a contemporary workspace that encourages interaction and ensures individual workspaces optimize productivity and concentration.

Our benching systems prioritize functionality, incorporating cutting-edge features and ergonomic elements. From adjustable desk heights to integrated power outlets, our designs meet the diverse needs of today’s workforce.

Whether revamping an existing office or creating a new one, our modern benching systems offer a versatile solution tailored to your specific requirements. Elevate your workspace with a blend of style, functionality, and collaborative efficiency, creating an environment where your team can thrive.