Client Case Studies

Notable Project: Odessa, Texas Call Center (Renovated Leased Building)
Square Footage: 29,000
Occupants: 250

Services Provided:
FRI worked with the architect to provide complete interior design services including programming, space planning, architectural finish selections, complete furniture specifications, and installation coordination. FRI also provided voice/data cabling documentation as well as project and installation management for this project.

Notable Project: Amarillo, Texas Call Center (Renovated Owned Building)
Square Footage: 24,000
Occupants: 195

Services Provided:
FRI provided complete interior design and architectural construction documentation, furniture specification and installation supervision of the existing wire center facility transformed into a call center.

Notable Project: Austin, Texas Call Center (Leased Building)
Square Footage: 107,500
Occupants: 960

Services Provided:
FRI provided reconfiguration services and additions to existing modular furniture to accommodate call center growth. FRI also selected new carpet and paint for the site and scheduled the replacement of all carpeting and painting throughout the facility while working around call center shifts.

Business Processing/Outsourcing Company

(Central, South, West and East Texas Regions, Oklahoma)

FRI has been serving this client since 2008; its work continues today. FRI services all locations within the Central, South, West and East Texas regions and Oklahoma by providing a full range of facilities management services, including space planning and interior design, strategic facility planning, space allocation and optimizing, building restack and relocation planning and overall project management. FRI also assists with all office furnishings, including modular furniture planning, procurement and installation and provides all relocation and computer disconnect/reconnect services for all locations.

Notable Project: Midland, Texas Call Center Restack Project
FRI recently completed the restacking of the company’s Call Center located in Midland, Texas which consisted of 104,000 square feet and 877 occupants. As the interior designer and furniture planner for this Call Center Restack project, FRI was charged with “squeezing” the existing furniture lay‐out plan to accommodate an additional 126 work stations. FRI provided all modular furniture planning and specification of all furniture. FRI also coordinated the delivery of all furniture to site and provided complete furniture installation services, personnel relocations and computer disconnect/reconnect services for this eight (8) phase project.

Notable Project: Athens, Texas Call Center Restack Project
FRI completed the restacking of the company’s Call Center located in Athens, Texas, which consisted of 40,000 square feet and 440 occupants. FRI was responsible for the addition of 68 work stations to accommodate call center growth. FRI produced all construction documents required to expand the restroom capacity as well as the emergency back‐up area. FRI also worked to provide a completely new parking lot re‐striping plan to accommodate the call center growth.

Notable Project: Edinburg, Texas Call Center
FRI was tasked in Spring of 2011 to assist with the planning and development of the new South Texas Call Center in Edinburg, Texas. FRI analyzed and provided space planning for two (2) prospective building locations and made its recommendation to the client. Additionally, FRI assisted in the selection of the general contractor for the construction build‐out. Because of the short time frame provided, a mere four (4) months, FRI’s ability to serve as the liaison among all trades, sub‐contractors and vendors was essential.

FRI served as the interior designer and call center furniture planner for the project, providing all space planning, architectural finish selections, modular and freestanding furniture planning, specifications, procurement and installation of all furnishings for the 42,000 square feet building and 403 personnel. Because of FRI’s ability to use all resources available and negotiate price points for the procurement of all furniture, FRI was able to procure and install all furnishings under budget.

International Telecommunications Corporation

FRI began working with the global telecommunications company in 1997 to provide facilities support services for the Central, South and West Texas regions, comprising of more than one million square feet of planned space. Our work continues today. FRI’s primary role with AT&T has been to assist the Design and Construction and Corporate Real Estate departments in providing interior design and office relocation services for all sites within their respective jurisdiction.

FRI has provided extensive site and facilities assessments for the company’s locations in the Central, South and West Texas regions for the past 15 years. FRI has worked on most all of their administrative and service buildings in each city center. Having to provide total project design, coordination and project management has afforded FRI the unique ability to understand the logistics of the corporation and their projects.