CAD/CAFM services

Computer Aided Drafting/Design

We deliver accurate plans for use in marketing, lease agreements, as-built documentation, evacuation and wayfinding plans or furnishings planning.

  • Our experience allows us to deliver drawings to you quickly and at a price that reflects value.
  • We calculate the exact square footage as needed of any building, or portion to get exact useable and rentable SF to BOMA standards or standards of your choice.
  • Our CAD files are simple, clean and saved to any version as needed.

Computer Aided Facilities Management

  • Long-range and annual facility planning
  • Facility financial forecasting
  • Real estate acquisition and/or disposal
  • Work specifications, installation, and space management
  • Architectural and engineering planning and design
  • New construction and/or renovation
  • Maintenance and operations management
  • Telecommunications integration, security and general administrative services