furniture services

Furniture Specification Services

Take an active approach to crafting a furniture specification journey tailored to your team’s distinct requirements. Initiate the process by conducting a thorough evaluation, delving into the specific functional needs of each employee. Consider factors such as storage preferences, technology support, desired privacy levels, and other essential elements. What distinguishes us is our dedication to delivering a seamless experience throughout this personalized journey.

Project Management Services

Our project management team serves as the guardians of your office furniture project, meticulously overseeing every detail to guarantee flawless execution. Within the office, our team conducts thorough inspections of each component to ensure accuracy before placing orders with manufacturers. They also vigilantly monitor and track the progress of every project element, ensuring strict adherence to timelines.

Installation Services


The success of your work environment is intricately tied to the expertise of the office furniture installation team that brings it all together. Beyond selecting the perfect furniture, the proper scheduling, handling, and assembling are paramount to creating a functional and inspiring office space. Efficient scheduling is crucial for project success. Our team excels in coordinating with clients, electricians, and building management, ensuring a seamless installation process. Meticulous project scheduling is key to meeting deadlines and staying within budget constraints. This guarantees a smooth and successful office furniture implementation.

From start to finish, our installation team is committed to maintaining the same level of professionalism. Trust us to bring your vision to life, ensuring your office space is not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and productive. Contact us today at (512) 371-1232