Acoustic Solutions 

Workplace acoustics are often an afterthought in design.  Hard surfaces reflect sound which creates a disruptive work environment.  Sound can drastically affect productivity.  Wall and ceiling acoustic solutions increase attenuation and reduce echo by absorbing traveling sounds. We offer many acoustical solutions and FRI is an exclusive dealer for 3form elements in Austin and San Antonio, Tx. Our product offerings can reshape and bring any type of workspace environment to life. Our 3form acoustic panels are the energy that inspires, improving the aesthetic environment while providing significant sound absorbing benefits.

All of our acoustical product offerings come in many custom and standard shapes and designs and our 3form acoustical panels can dampen and diffuse mid-to high-frequency sound waves, helping to reduce distracting noise, echo and reverb, and to enhance acoustic privacy.

FRI’s 3form acoustical products provide beautiful, colorful, versatile separation and space design. Our products are easily disinfected, eco-friendly, tackable and have many professional applications as desk dividers, room dividers, or hung on virtually any ceiling type, wall or desk space where color, energy, and visual and acoustic privacy will make a difference.

FRI is the source for your company’s office acoustic solutions in Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander, Round Rock, San Antonio, San Marcos and throughout Texas.  Call us at (512) 371-1232.