Acoustic Solutions For Businesses

acousticsMinimize noise with effective sound absorption using crucial acoustic materials. Soften reverberation and dampen sound energy in spaces for balanced comfort, especially in loud areas. Strategically incorporate these materials for a more acoustically comfortable atmosphere in workplaces, often overlooked. Hard surfaces reflecting sound disrupt work environments, impacting productivity. Our acoustic solutions for walls and ceilings enhance attenuation, diminishing echo by absorbing traveling sounds.

As the exclusive dealer for 3form elements in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, FRI provides a diverse range of acoustical solutions. Our product offerings have the transformative ability to rejuvenate any workspace environment. Specifically, our 3form acoustic panels act as a dynamic force, not only elevating the aesthetic environment but also delivering substantial sound-absorbing benefits.

Our products are available in a variety of custom and standard shapes and designs. Our 3form acoustical panels effectively dampen and diffuse mid-to high-frequency sound waves, reducing distracting noise, echo, and reverb while enhancing acoustic privacy.

Discover practical beauty with our 3form products. Eco-friendly, and versatile for professional applications like desk dividers or room dividers. Infuse color, energy, and visual and acoustic privacy to transform your workspace.

For your company’s office acoustic solutions in Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander, Round Rock, San Antonio, San Marcos, and throughout Texas, Facilities Resource is your reliable source. Feel free to reach out to us today at (512) 371-1232.