Space Planning Services


At Facilities Resource, Inc., our dedicated and highly skilled team of internal space planners harnesses the power of state-of-the-art 2D and 3D drawing software to transform visionary concepts into reality. Through meticulous investments in both as-built and space planning strategies, our clients experience the seamless repurposing of existing office space. This not only optimizes their current environment but also paves the way for future growth without the necessity for costly refurbishments or disruptive relocations.

Whether undertaking an as-built or fit-out project, our meticulous team conducts a thorough analysis of your Austin, Tx. office or space. This includes evaluating time spent in meeting rooms, at desks, and in break-out areas, as well as the allocation of space for specific operational activities. For those embarking on a new office fit-out project in Austin, our adept space planners excel in crafting vibrant and purposeful spaces. Our aim is to enhance teamwork, collaboration, and productivity while minimizing unused or wasted space. We create dynamic and energizing work environments that inspire creativity, rejuvenate staff, and elevate morale to new heights.

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We conduct in-depth assessments of your current business operations, workflows, and staff interactions, exploring future aspirations, IT needs, and external communications. Through insightful discussions, our team interprets the requirements for your new office space, ensuring it aligns with your organization’s objectives. If your business is relocating, our space planners adeptly utilize existing furniture and storage to meticulously plan your new space. This proactive approach instills confidence that the new environment is purpose-built, supports future growth, and guarantees a seamless transition on relocation day. Our well-planned environments prioritize your vision, creating welcoming spaces that authentically reflect and support your brand from the moment clients walk through the door throughout their time spent with your organization.

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