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Work furniture services, providing turn-key solutions to your business

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In the Austin and Central Texas area, we provide a range of locally-driven services catering to workspace needs, specializing in business and offices furniture, architectural products, and beyond. Our portfolio encompasses premium architectural modular walls, business furniture, acoustic solutions, and state-of-the-art air quality management systems tailored to the requirements of contemporary workplaces.

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Relocate Your Business
Relocation Management

If you're contemplating an office relocation or business move, FRI offers a seamless solution to alleviate the stress and burden associated with such transitions. Our comprehensive services cover the entire project, from initiation to completion. By overseeing every aspect, we effectively take on the role of project manager, allowing you to focus on your company's core operations without the added complexities of the move.

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Refresh Your Workspace
WorkSpace Planning

At FRI, we engage in close collaboration with our clients throughout the furniture selection and planning process, working hand-in-hand with our in-house workspace consultant teams. Our overarching goal is to enhance workplace productivity, elevate your company's brand identity, and optimize the efficiency of your workspace. Through this collaborative approach, we ensure that every aspect of your office environment aligns seamlessly with your business objectives and values.

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Reconfigure Your Space
Furniture Installation

Throughout Texas, FRI provides extensive office furniture installation and management services. Our skilled installation team is proficient in handling installations for all major furniture brands. At FRI, we assure you that your new office furniture and additional fixtures will be delivered and installed to your complete satisfaction, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

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Facilities Support Services
Project Management

Count on our adept project management team to alleviate the stress and potential additional expenses linked with facilities planning. We assume full responsibility for your entire project, including space planning, furniture installation and reconfigurations, asset management, moves, and more. By entrusting us with the comprehensive management of your project, you can focus on your core operations while we ensure a seamless and efficient execution of all aspects related to your space and facilities.

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Furniture Offerings

Business Office Furniture

At FRI, we prioritize a customer-focused strategy in handling all aspects of furniture, from selection to installation, ensuring a smooth and functional experience. Our commitment extends to partnerships with best in class industry-leading brands and manufacturers, delivering exceptional products and services. Aligned with our values of quality, innovation, and sustainability, our partners guarantee that each product meets our rigorous standards.

Office Furniture Solutions
Relocation Offerings

Let's Get Moving

With over 30 years of experience in relocation and move management, FRI is equipped to handle businesses of any size. We oversee your entire relocation process from start to finish, ensuring timely and budget-friendly completion. Ultimately, we strive to create an office space that feels like a familiar, welcoming environment from the moment you step in.

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Interior Offerings

Work Design Your Way

A strategically designed workspace can enhance staff productivity and elevate company efficiency. As a seasoned workspace furniture dealership, we are committed to crafting a workspace that reinforces our clients' brand identity, promoting their products and services that help in attracting top-tier talent to their company.

It Starts With Design